Why Did We Start Bully Fans? 

In 2012 an extra large pit bull named Kali Ma came into my life via my business partner Jorge. Over the course of many months, I came to love that dog. One day I realized she no longer scared me when she came running towards me at full speed.  I found that I really like the breed. Just as there are all sorts of people, there are all sorts of dogs. My dog is a pocket pit bull, half the size of her best friend Kali Ma. In an effort to improve life as we know it, we started Bully Fans.  Our website and products are intended to promote a positive image of the bully breeds. This includes our commitment to donate a portion of our net profits to organizations that are interested in protecting and promoting healthy relationships outside the bully community.


Why did we start Bully Fans? In hopes to create a better image of the breeds that we love. As a proud pit bull parent, I fall into every stereotype under the sun and do my best to break the mold on a daily basis. Bully Fans gives us, the bully community, the means to present our unity within this community. Through Bully Fans, we are creating a hub to share the positive aspects of the bully breed.