Hard Knox

Hard Knox established in early 2010, right after I started attending dog shows. I found that these events were lacking showcased apparel. I knew that many of today’s t-shirt designs featured sexy woman and I thought“What would a man love more than that? A sexy woman and a bad ass dog!” This is how Hard Knox came about.Once the concept was set in stone, my family and I brainstormed for a catchy name. My oldest daughter came up with the name of our new clothing line “Hard Knox”. Family is very important to me and I always include the whole family in our businesses!




Rad N Bad Collars is a Sacramento, California based company specializing in handcrafted and custom-made leather, suede, exotic, classic designers and team dog collars with matching handles and leashes.  We have designed and created a wide variety of unique, eye-catching and impressive designs that suit yours and your dogs’ personalities.



BullyLife TV operates out of New Orleans. They offer videography, photography, marketing, and web design services.

Bug a Bull K9 Education Program

Bug a Bull K9 Education strives to educate children and adults about dog safety.

T Whitfield Designs

T Whitfield Designs makes our pitbull jewelry. All jewelry is made by hand, one piece at a time.